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Express Entry (Federal Program) - Quebec Skilled Worker - Provincial Nominee Programs - Quebec Immigration - Other federal classes of immigration: (Atlantic Immigration Pilot - Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot)

Which Program Suits You....

Which Program Suits You....

Each of these programs has specific eligibility requirements. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the Program that is suitable to you. Failure to identify the differences could mean that you waste valuable time and money pursuing the wrong one. Only at IMMEX we will give you the true evaluation in order to be selected as a candidate to P.R over the different Canadian immigration streams. IMMEX is very familiar with Canada’s immigration road maps and we have the expertise to find you the most efficient road to Canadian Permanent Residency.

Please contact us to assess which program works best for you based on your personal details.

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Skilled Worker Visa



Express Entry (Federal Program):

Category-based draws have been introduced to invite those who fall under six categories to apply for permanent residence.

Category-based draws will complement the other forms of Express Entry draws that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will continue to hold. The other forms of Express Entry draw are invitations to apply (ITA) for permanent residence based on meeting the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score cut-off requirement among all Express Entry candidates, as well as draws that invite candidates based on their eligibility for a specific program (e.g., the Provincial Nominee Program).

IRCC has stated those who fall under the following six categories:

  • Work experience in the following fields:
    • Healthcare
    • science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professions
    • Trades, such as carpenters, plumbers, and contractors
    • Transport
    • Agriculture and agri-food
  • or, strong French language proficiency.

To be eligible for an invitation through a category-based draw, you will need to meet all the requirements noted by IRCC for that draw. When IRCC holds these draws, it will rank candidates in the pool who meet the category requirements and then invite the top-ranking candidates to apply for permanent residence.


Quebec Skilled Worker:

Note: Starting 2020, Quebec issued a new rule requiring immigrants applying for permanent residence to successfully complete an online assessment and obtain an attestation of learning about the democratic values and Quebec values in order to qualify for immigration.

Quebec has a special program requirement. Recently it introduces a new online-based system called Arrima designed for skilled worker immigrants who seek to obtain Canadian permanent residency and settle in the French Province “Quebec”.

Every year, Quebec admits thousands of foreign skilled immigrants who have the qualifications and skills that match its market demands and help them in getting a job.


Provincial Nominee Program:

The Provincial Nominee Program is another chance to immigrate and settle in a particular province. Each province has its own requirements and stream that target different criteria of people: skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, students or business people.

The criteria and requirements of each province and territory can vary and change without notice.The following are all the provinces that have PN Program:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Northwest Territories
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon

Remember that if you are not eligible in a certain province program, you might be eligible in another.

Quebec Experience Program(PEQ):

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The Quebec Experience program PEQ is one of Quebec’s priority immigration programs, thus, it is a fast process that allows international students and temporary foreign workers, who meet certain conditions, to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) that entitle them to obtain the Permanent Residence. 

International Students stream:

International students who want to apply for a CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate) through PEQ should verify that their study program meets the PEQ requirements. The following are the eligible programs for PEQ application:

Bachelor’s degree

Master’s degree


DEC – Diploma of college studies, technical training

DEP* – Diploma of vocational studies attesting to 1,800 hours (usually only takes 1.5 years)

DEP- Diploma of vocational studies followed by and an Attestation of Vocational Specialization 

PEQ requirements:

The above diplomas must have been obtained within 36 months prior to applying for P.R

Diplomas must be issued by a University or an educational institution located in Quebec and recognized by The Ministry of Education and Higher Studies

Student must have completed a full-time study program and lived in Quebec for at least half of the duration of the Program

Student must prove an intermediate-advanced knowledge of oral French (only the applicant and not his accompanying family)

Candidate must be legally in Quebec at the time of submission of the application.

Candidate must be legally in Quebec at the time of submission of the application.

Temporary Foreign Workers Stream: 

In order for foreign workers to be eligible for the Permanent Residence, they must meet the following requirements of the PEQ:

Be legally in Quebec as a temporary foreign worker or under a youth exchange program (e.g., Working Holiday, Young Professionals, International Co-op Internship, or an internship not related to a study program in Québec). 

Have completed a full-time work experience in Quebec for at least the last 12 to 24 months (part-time jobs and self-employed are not accepted in this program)

Prove an intermediate-advanced oral French knowledge (only the applicant and not his accompanying family)

This program has no requirement for NOC code and applications can be submitted at any time in hard copy to the MIDI for processing.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program has 3 programs for hiring candidates. Each has its own requirements.
Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP)
Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP)

Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP)


Candidates who meet the requirements to apply for permanent resident status may be eligible to apply for a temporary work permit.

The permit:

Is only for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Is valid for 1 year

Only lets the candidate work for the employer

The candidate must send their permanent resident application within 90 days of submitting the temporary work permit application.

In order for the candidate to apply for a work permit, the employer must request a Referral Letter from the provincial government when he/she apply for endorsement. When the candidate applies for a temporary work permit, they must include the Referral Letter with their application.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Communities Selected for the Rural Immigration Pilot

As of June 2019, eleven communities have been selected to participate in the pilot. These communities will get a range of supports and programs in order to test the pilot.

Ontario: (Thunder Bay – Sault Ste Marie – Sudbury – Timmins – North Bay)  

Manitoba: (Gretna-Rhineland-Altona-Plum Coulee – Brandon)

Saskatchewan: (Moose Jaw)

Alberta: (Claresholm)

British Columbia: (West Kootenay – Vernon)

Skilled Worker Visa



Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa

The Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa allows skilled people to migrate to Australia permanently.

189 Visa help people to:

  • be in or outside Australia when making the application
  • work and study anywhere in Australia
  • sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
  • apply for Australian Citizenship (If eligible)

Applying for a 189 Visa

To be eligible to apply for a 189 Skilled Independent Visa, applicants must:

  • have an occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list
  • complete a successful skill assessment for the relevant occupation
  • have at least competent English
  • score at least 65 points.
  • be invited to apply



Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa

The Skilled Nominated 190 Visa is a points system visa for skilled workers who are nominated by an Australian State or Territory government.

190 Visa help people to:

  • stay in Australia permanently
  • work and study in Australia
  • travel to and from Australia for 5 year
Applicants must have
  • an occupation on the relevant occupation list
  • a successful skill assessment for the relevant occupation

  • at least competent English

Applying for a 190 Visa
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) applicant must obtain a minimum 65 points on the program point system and must be nominated by a participating State or Territory government in Australia
  • To apply you must submit (EOI) expression of interest

  • If you receive an invitation, you will have 60 days to apply for the visa


Skilled Regional Sponsored Subclass 491 Visa

The Skilled Regional Sponsored Subclass 491 Visa is a points system visa for skilled workers

Applying for a 491 (Provisional) Visa

  • to be eligible to apply for this visa, you must be under 45 years
  • be nominated to apply by a state or territory government agency or sponsored by an eligible relative
  • have an occupation on a relevant skilled occupation list
  • have a valid skill assessment
  • demonstrate competent English
  • score 65 points
  • meet the health and character requirements
  • the Subclass 491 Skilled work visa allows skilled workers to come to Australia and live in a regional area for up to five years.

491 Visa holders can

  • live, work and study in Australia for up to five years
  • include immediate family
  • study in Australia
  • transition to permanent residency (if eligible)

Skilled Worker Visa

New Zealand


Skilled Worker Program

The Skilled Migrant Category is a points system based on factors such as age, work experience, your qualifications, and an offer of skilled employment. You must also be aged 55 or under, and meet English language, health, and character requirements.

 1. Self assessment

  • Check you meet the requirements and calculate your points

2. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

3. Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

  • If you have 160 points or more, you'll be selected from the EOI pool and may be sent an ITA

4. Submit a resident application

  • Note the fees and offices information
  • Submit your resident application on the form we provide you with

5. Receive your visa

  • If successful, you'll be issued a resident visa



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